Free Form • Spontaneous

How you exercise Control


You respond to the experience of life, rather than impose structure upon it. A spontaneous and free form way is more your style.

By keeping options open, you resist the constraints of details. You avoid formal systems, seeking clever ways around them.

You're motivated by what interests you, more than what’s expected of you.

Your energy flows in bursts, driven by inner passions or outer situations. You make decisions as you go along, allowing goals to evolve. This means you can easily change direction when needed.

Of course, this casual way of living has drawbacks. Sometimes you don't finish things, or your lack of organization wastes time.

Regardless, you’re content to move through life focused more on the journey than the destination.

🤙  You are driven by the belief that your goals should emerge and change according to the moment. This motivation to freely respond to situations lets you relinquish control and stay flexible. Others may see you as a casual pathfinder, spontaneously shifting focus based on the next event. Apply your strengths by being Responsive.


1. See the big picture over details

Notice the forest above the trees to see how your life and work is taking shape and emerging overtime.

2. Seize unplanned opportunities 

Take action when you spot clear next steps that you can initiate right away.

3. Work in bursts of energy 

Capture your focus by working on projects that energize you in the moment, switching between tasks as needed.

4. Help others find an easier way 

Working in groups lets you share clever short-cuts and ways to avoid unnecessary red tape.

5. Pivot based on changing circumstances 

When conditions are obviously shifting in a new direction, lead onward by realigning your goals.


👍 Adapt by being Conscientious

Being Responsive has its challenges. Without a main focus, you risk becoming aimless. This unplanned style can be a weakness if you fail to reach worthwhile goals, even ones  you really want.

The solution is to adapt to a more Conscientious approach. How can you be more organized and disciplined? What can you achieve by working with people who are Conscientious?


Applying your Responsiveness is what's gotten you where you are today. Going with the flow of life, rather than controlling it, has served you. However there are times to bring more Conscientiousness into the picture. By adapting, you'll find yourself capable of achieving your most important goals!