Privacy Policy

PRISM-OCEAN Privacy Policy


The internet tracks you too much.

So we want you to anonymously come use the free personality tests, tools and knowledge we have on this website.

Our privacy pledge to you:

  • We don't use cookies
  • We don't track your activity
  • We don't gather or store your personalized data
  • We don't share anything with 3rd parties
  • We don't store your test results

Like Visiting Your Public Library

Just as you anonymously and freely browse books, learn, and reflect, so too can you visit our website for the same purposes.

All of our resources are free and intended to further your knowledge of yourself, others, and the world.

We proudly use for website analytics because they are open-source and private.



If you sign up for our Newsletter, then we store your email address only in order to send you emails.

We don't use your email to track any activity of yours. You will never get spam and you can unsubscribe anytime.



We do not create user accounts, save user data, or store payment details.

If you book a big five interpretation, product or service, all information you share is completely confidential and private.