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The Complete Overview
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    Powered by the Big Five

    After an epic 100 year journey of 50,000 peer-reviewed papers, psychologists have reached a consensus: The Big Five is the agreed upon personality model.



    Our PRISM-OCEAN personality test is adapted from decades long psychometrically valid and reliable Big Five Personality research.

    This free personality test is designed to teach you your key personality traits.

    For best results:

    1. Simply click on the words that you feel best describe you.
    2. There are no right or wrong answers.
    3. Be as honest as possible and go with your gut.

    This particular test is quick and should take you about 5 minutes to learn your own personality.


    The Big Five model is an arrangement of small traits, known as facets. The clustering of all these small traits makeup your big five traits.

    PRISM-OCEAN displays these small traits to teach you your big five traits during our assessment.

    The combination of these constitutes your big five profile.

    Big Five Facets Selector


    After 100 years of research and 50,000 published research papers, the Big Five is definitely the most commonly used personality model in the world.

    This free personality test will measure where you are on the scale or dimensions of the Big Five Factors (OCEAN)

    1. Openness
    2. Conscientiousness
    3. Extraversion
    4. Agreeableness
    5. Neuroticism

    Your ability to take in information. Are you more Practical or Open?



    Learn your aspects for each trait. These help you understand a deeper meaning of each of your five factors.

    Just like facets, the aspects are used to help contextualize and sub-divide your traits to into related terms.

    Your profile result will display your aspects:

    Big Five Aspects Profile


    We make personality simple.

    We created the PRISM-OCEAN personality test by broadly researching the big five inventory survey data from instruments like NEO,  IPIP, and Aspects (BFI) found in scientific journals.

    Proprietary personality models like MBTI, DISC, Enneagram, Positive Psychology, VIA Strengths among others were assessed as well.

    Many samples across many people were taken into consideration.


    You are not a type.

    Learn where you land on each of the five dimensions.

    It's perfectly normal to be in the middle.

    In fact:

    The big five traits are normally distributed across the population, which means you likely have one or two traits you are average on.



    Get a meaningful and simple description of all of your big five traits.

    Additionally, discover what main challenges and advantages being high on that trait presents in your life.

    Big Five Descriptions


    You can use your big five profile to reflect on your life.

    As you assess yourself and read through your personalized profile, consider how your traits show up in your:

    • Personal Life
    • Career
    • Relationships

    The Big Five can help predict life outcomes related to these areas. And our free big 5 test will get you started on this journey.


    The old measurement of a person’s personality traits consists of 240 questions, takes about 40 minutes, and uses a likert scale. It’s super boring. The results give you confusing explanations, percentiles, and not enough insights.

    Our new measurement keeps science at the forefront, but we start teaching you right from the beginning.


    The story of Big Five is a fascinating one.

    Around 100 years ago researchers dug into the dictionary to find all the personality traits humans have. They found 11,000+ words.

    Gordon Allport made massive leaps by the 1950's and setup future researchers to carry the baton.

    Lewis Goldberg brought it home by discovering and labeling "The Big Five"


    This free big five test is a gift to you. After you take the quick assessment, read your profile, you can easily email it to yourself.

    Simply submit your email at the bottom of your profile result.

    • Saves your profile
    • Emails your results
    • Gets you access to tips and tools
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Since the Big Five is such a breakthrough in psychology, many people have questions about how it works.


    The most accurate, valid, and reliable way to measure your personality traits. You can take an assessment (typically online) with prompts or questions that helps measure your big five traits.

    Tests can be short (5-25 questions) while some are long (100-300 questions).

    A personality model that measures and organizes your personality traits. With 50,000+ published research papers, it's the most widely accepted framework among psychologists in the world. 

    The big five describes how you think, feel, and act. 

    The OCEAN Traits:

    1. Openness - Information 
    2. Conscientiousness - Control
    3. Extraversion - Activity
    4. Agreeableness - Collaboration 
    5. Neuroticism - Threats

    Multiple research teams over 100 years contributed to the discovery of the big five traits.

    Most psychologists will point to Gordon Allport's research as the early foundations, and Lewis Goldberg's research as the modern finalization. 

    The big five is the official personality model among psychologists. However, there's not one official test. You can learn your traits using any test that was designed to measure the big five.
    Some popular tests include the IPIP, NEO, and PRISM-OCEAN.

    A reliable test will give you the same big 5 traits, even if you retake it. The PRISM-OCEAN is one of the most reliable ones. 

    Yes, the Big 5 is far more accurate than the Myers-Briggs in measuring your real personality traits and how these traits describe your patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. 

    Psychologists across all fields use the big five test to accurately measure personality. It can be used in research, business, relationships, career, anywhere really.