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After an epic 100 year journey of 50,000 peer-reviewed papers, psychologists have reached a consensus: The Big Five is the agreed upon personality model.


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The scientific discovery of the Big Five has answered more complex questions than researchers had originally anticipated.

It's the preferred model for fields likes personality, psychology, sociology, neuroscience, and more.

You can also apply the Big Five to your life, career, relationships, and personal growth.

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The Big Five comes from science, using statistical and mathematical methods to measure personality.

Our mission is to adapt these findings into a simple, easy, and practical format for you.

PRISM-OCEAN is the best way to learn the Big Five traits.


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John Nelson is a distinguished speaker, author, career coach, and personality expert. While working on his PhD at the University of Wisconsin, he adapted Big Five personality research into PRISM-OCEAN for everyday use.

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