Intuitive • Intellectual

How you gather and use Information

Being Open means you seek more information and try new approaches. You love learning about abstract ideas.

You’re interested in what might exist, but doesn’t yet. You become absorbed in beauty, art or music.

You inwardly explore thoughts and feelings. You seek out new activities you haven’t done before.

Seeking complex answers means you discover deeper explanations.

Thinking about what’s possible helps you be more original.

Noticing aesthetics helps you appreciate beauty in the world.

Focusing on thoughts and feelings helps you understand yourself and others.

Trying new things helps you accept change.

Thinking the answer is complex means overlooking obvious explanations.

Trying to be original can make it difficult to deal with the task at hand.

Choosing just on aesthetics can mean sacrificing functionality.

Going too deep inside can keep you from getting on with things.

Choosing new activities can lead to unknown results.