Orderly • Industrious

How you exercise Control


Being Conscientious means you work hard to control yourself and the world around you. You’re motivated by what you want to achieve, so you set goals for the future.

You work consistently, driven by a desire to avoid distractions and finish the job. You focus on details, keeping things structured and scheduled. 

You do what’s expected, follow rules and respect authority. You make decisions in advance.

Because you focus on what you want to accomplish, you feel a sense of purpose.

You start and finish tasks, even if they’re difficult or boring.

You are efficient and stay on top of things.

You fulfill obligations to systems and people.

You avoid mistakes by seeing consequences of decisions.

Being goal oriented may mean sometimes not feeling satisfied.

Determination to complete tasks can make it difficult to change direction when needed.

Focusing too much on details may mean missing what’s more important.

Emphasizing rules can lead to being unnecessarily strict.

You may use too much time and energy when making decisions.