Organized • Disciplined

How you exercise Control


You work to bring order to life. Rather than keeping options open, you're organized and prefer structure and schedules.

You respect authority, and consistently fulfill your obligations to systems and people. Your deliberate nature means you carefully ponder decisions in advance, seeking to avoid mistakes.

You are disciplined and motivated by what you want to achieve. So you avoid distractions and see things through to completion, even when they're difficult or boring.

Your dedication leads to accomplishment, and a sense of purpose.

Of course, a strong desire for control has drawbacks. Sometimes you’re preoccupied with details at the expense of the big picture, or doggedly pursue unnecessary goals.

But your conscientiousness serves you well, driving you onward to a life of security and success.

👍  You are driven by the belief that goals should be set and achieved. This motivates you to control situations in order to accomplish your desired outcomes. Others might see you as the orderly achiever, diligently progressing towards what needs to get done. Apply your strengths by being Conscientious. 


1. Pay close attention to details 

Notice the nuance and intricacy of things so you can keep an eye on the important details.

2. Make and stick to a plan

Ensure you get everything done by deliberately defining your tasks, objectives, and deadlines.

3. Maintain focus and work steadily

Dutifully move through your workload without distraction — checking one box after the next. 

4. Help others stay on track

In groups, remind every one the important parts of your project plan, keeping people from getting sidetracked.

5. Persevere through challenges and obstacles

When inevitable road blocks appear, lead onward with grit and determination, persisting until the job is done.


🤙  Adapt by being Responsive

Being Conscientious has its challenges. You risk becoming perfectionistic at times. This is a weakness if you stick with unworkable goals instead of changing course at pivotal moments.

The solution is to adapt by being Responsive. How can you be more free-form and spontaneous? What can you learn by working with Responsive people?


Applying your Conscientious strengths is what's gotten you where you are today. Setting and accomplishing your goals has served you well. Adapt to a more Responsive style from time to time. You just might end up enjoying (and even achieving) more in the long-run.