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Practical + Open

How you gather and use Information


You combine a practical grounding in the real world with an openness to the world of ideas.

You recognize the value of facts and common sense, but also appreciate the insights that come from imagination.

Reality provides the foundation for your creative thinking. So you value both tradition and innovation.

While you appreciate the reliability of routine, you also have a curiosity for new experiences. The tried-and-true offers stable ground, while venturing beyond the familiar brings fresh opportunities.

This combination allows you to find both predictability and possibility in your life.


Responsive + Conscientious

How you exercise Control


You balance spontaneity with structure. You know when to be casual, and when to be organized.

You like to schedule things, but are comfortable deviating when necessary.

You make decisions thoughtfully, considering potential consequences. But you also recognize that life can be unpredictable, and know how to change direction when needed.

You’re motivated both by internal passions and external responsibilities. While you have the dedication to follow through on goals, you're not rigid about them.

Instead, you can change course if a better opportunity arises. This means your path through life is both purposeful and responsive.

You work steadily toward your goals, yet leave room for detours along the way.


Energetic • Sociable

How you Interact with the world


Your world is filled with activity and stimulating environments. You take life at a fast pace.

Staying busy and doing more makes you feel good.

It's easy for you to reach out to others, and are enthusiastic about making new connections.

When you're with people you speak up, readily sharing your thoughts. You’re assertive and tend to influence others.

This energetic way of life can lead to burnout sometimes.

But when you slow down or spend too much time alone, you may become easily bored. So you plunge into the world again - with zest!


Competitive • Skeptical

How you Collaborate with others


Your competitive nature means you approach life with a desire to win. That means you pursue your own interests with stubborn determination.

You're always ready to fight for what you want, fueled by a firm confidence in yourself.

You believe in personal responsibility, and that everyone needs to look out for themselves.

You're savvy, and it’s difficult to take advantage of you. This allows you to make tough decisions that might affect other people.

Because of your forceful approach to life, it's not always easy to build or keep lasting relationships.

But your unwavering belief in yourself shines through your life and your actions.


Mellow + Nervous

How you recognize Threats


You take a measured approach to threats, with a healthy blend of vigilance and calm.

While you take care to notice potential problems, you recognize the most realistic ones and work to address them with a sense of confidence.

You are mindful of maintaining your composure by not taking on too many stressful demands.

You’re sensitive to complications and setbacks, but don’t let them overwhelm you. Instead, you harness your emotions as a catalyst for action.

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