Conscientiousness: Learn this Big Five Personality Trait

The control system of your personality is there to help make sure you keep order in life

Sean Nelson
Sean Nelson

Co-Founder @ PRISM-OCEAN

In This Guide

    Personality science is a real science.

    Some may argue it's a "soft" science

    There are over 50,000 published research papers about the Big Five though.

    Which makes it unavoidable.

    In this article you will learn how to apply it.

    You like learning about theoretical or abstract ideas.

    Otherwise it's just one person's idea, at one time.

    Don't get us wrong,

    You need individual thought to progress group thought.


    When there's group consensus around an idea, it's proof that there's merit to the idea.

    Sean Nelson
    Sean Nelson

    Co-Founder @ PRISM-OCEAN

    Learn your traits

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    Very awesome